Mercury – 3 Modules

Automatic service station for skis and snowboards.

With Mercury, WINTERSTEIGER gives you access to the highest end of service performance. Whether Race, Carver, All Mountain or Rocker – Mercury‘s automated service procedure allows you to tune up to 30 pairs of skis to perfection every hour. Rest assured – this high level of performance will quickly increase revenues in the repair shop.

Mercury's flexible design can fully meet your needs. Customize your machine by choosing from a wide range of options.


  • 2 loading alternatives: Manual (M) or by loading unit (L)
  • 1 housing for 2 or 3 processing modules
  • Flexible combination of the modules Belt, Stone, Disc, Polishing or Finish
Your benefits summed up:
Precisely tailored to your needs
Flexibly combine stone, disc and polishing modules
A large selection of consumables to meet any shops tuning requirements
Extremely small footprint
Perfect service for more turnover
Precise and reproducible base structures
Sharpest edges for increased durability
Perfectly polished base edge at tip and tail
Efficient & economic operation
Grinding of all types of skis and snowboards without suction cups
Long service life of grinding accessories
User friendly operation with maximum safety thanks to a closed system
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