Omega RS350

Stone Grinder | Année de construction 2016
The RS350 is a stone only machine featuring our racing plus package. The RS350 includes an intuitive
touch screen display featuring full parameter control, storage of up to 100 different structures and the “Easy
Go” quick selection button. The racing plus package includes all option to create the complete race service
machine. The structure package gives you the option of creating and applying an unlimited variety of
structures. The package includes a high-performance dressing unit. In addition, the optimized centering
system ensures easier handling, even for center specific structures. The feed package for the Omega
RS350 supports specific adjustment of pressure curves thanks to pneumatic pressure control. At the same
time, the dual pedal option adds more flexibility to your workflow. The spray and filtering package addresses
these needs with an automatic valve which adapts the stone spraying system to match your workflow.
208 220 volt, 3 AC
Located in Salt Lake City, UT. Main Warehouse