Tantum Set 8 Premium

Versatile open panels

Space-saving and boasting flexible assembly and varied equipment – the products in our Tantum series can be integrated into any room. The SpeedDry technology and sophisticated design of the open drying panels deliver maximum power in the smallest of spaces.

As well as saving valuable space, the quick and energy-saving drying of the Tantum series also impresses. To speed things up even more, the air can also be warmed. What's more, the Tantum drying panels are ideal for using the space efficiently, allowing you to easily access the drying options.

Technical information
Boot drying: 8 pairs
Glove drying: 8 pairs
Air hanger:8 pieces
Dimensions (W x H x D):120 x 183 x 74 cm
Ambient temperature:15 – 25°C
Power consumption:2150 W (with Sterex: 2160 W)
Supply voltage:  1 AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Nominal current: 9.4 A (with Sterex: 9.5 A)
Fuse:16 A
Weight: 112.9 kg (with Sterex: 113.5 kg)