Drying lockers for cyclists at the European Court of Justice

Cycling to work – drying lockers for the clothing of staff at the European Court of Justice.
© Stefan Schönhofen/Brand AG

Promoting sustainable transport:

Drying lockers for cyclists at the European Court of Justice


Cycling to work is healthy and protects the environment. There is however one unpleasant downside: sweaty clothing. To encourage staff to use their bicycle as a form of sustainable transport, the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg has opted for high-performance drying lockers from WINTERSTEIGER, which have been individually adapted to the local requirements. 


A public tender defined the framework within which Stefan Schönhofen, project manager at Brand Ladenbau Sàrl in Luxemburg, and his team were able to work. Brand Ladenbau Sàrl is a family-owned business based in Grevenmacher dedicated to carpentry and meeting individual customer requirements.


“In addition to WINTERSTEIGER's professionalism, we were also won over by their flexibility it came to producing the desired product variant,” underlines Schönhofen. “We opted for drying lockers from the Individual 300 series. Alternative specifications regarding the power supply were also required for the end customer, and this was implemented in a quick and straightforward manner.”

WINTERSTEIGER drying solutions for sports and business clothing – perfect for commuters and athletes alike.

The drying lockers were installed near the bicycle racks and showers that the European Court of Justice has set up for its cyclists. Instead of having to take their wet clothing or towels into the office, staff are now able to dry them quickly and easily.


“One huge benefit of WINTERSTEIGER's professional drying systems was the option for germ reduction and odor neutralization using ozone,” says Stefan Schönhofen. “Since the UV lamps reduce germs and bacteria and thus unpleasant odors – which is important for both sports clothing and towels – we decided on the Individual 300 devices with ozone lamps. The entire cooperation with WINTERSTEIGER ran smoothly, from the initial enquiry right through to the final delivery.”


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech