WINTERSTEIGER is expanding its product range

TrocknungsschrankCompact – group locker for 8 complete sets of work gear

Three new drying lockers:

  • Compact – the entry model
  • Boot 15/20 (open wall-mounted dryer for up to 20 pairs of shoes)
  • Boot and Glove 10 TS (closed drying locker)


With the Drytech drying lockers from WINTERSTEIGER, work clothing and uniforms can be dried efficiently, hygienically and in a manner that protects the material. Thanks to the three new drying lockers that have been added to the product range, the Austrian company has the ideal solution for every business and organization.


Compact – group locker for 8 complete sets of work gear.

The new Compact is a space-saving drying locker for drying and storing 8 complete sets of work gear. Ideal as an entry model for professional drying, the locker is equipped with ventilated drying nozzles for shoes and gloves as well as a timer clock. There are two operating modes to choose from according to how quickly the items are needed: either energy-efficient drying using ambient air or rapid drying using warm air.


Ozone lamps ensure the drying process is hygienic. Ozone (O³) is usually viewed as a health hazard. However, when used under controlled conditions, the gas reliably kills off germs and bacteria. Ozone only remains in the air for a short time, and then degrades again to oxygen (O²). These properties are exploited in the Compact locker.

Boot 15/20 wall-mounted dryer and Boot 10 TS drying locker.

Boot 15/20 wall-mounted dryer and Boot 5/10 TS drying locker

The popular Boot 5/10 drying locker for shoes and boots is now available in two new models for up to 15 or 20 pairs of shoes. The Boot 5/10/15/20 wall-mounted dryers are very flexible: They can be integrated into existing or new rooms and combined with one another as desired. 


Another new product is the closed variant, the Boot 5/10 TS or Glove 5/10 TS drying locker. The advantage of this closed system is that it is lockable, so kit is no longer visible, which improves the look of the changing room or break room. The drying locker is also now available in size 10, meaning that it can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes.

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