A pleasant start to the work shift

Work shoes and rubber boots at EFKO are dried using WINTERSTEIGER drying panels.
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Boot 10 Power boot dryer

A pleasant start to the work shift


Food processing company efko, based in Eferding, Austria, uses the WINTERSTEIGER Boot 10 Power boot and shoe dryer to dry work shoes and rubber boots worn by the 10 employees in the delicatessen department.


Strict hygiene standards are top priority in the department, and employees are constantly coming into contact with water, meaning work shoes and boots become wet over the course of a shift. The solution: A new dryer, featuring nozzles for 10 pairs of shoes/boots. Employees are delighted by the pleasant feeling of nice warm and dry feet when they start their shift. Head of Department Petra Pichler explains: "The air circulation dries the shoe in a completely new way. You really notice the improved air quality, i.e., that the odor has been reduced."


Ms. Pichler is also very happy with the device's performance and ease of use: "The boot dryer works great and is really easy to operate." "We programed the timer clock so that the dryer is on between 3:0 o'clock and 6:0 o'clock in the afternoon and then again from 4:0 o'clock in the morning." Ms. Pichler says she would highly recommend the appliance.


efko, in Eferding, Upper Austria, is one of the biggest pickle producers in Austria and processes 90,000 metric tons of raw produce every year.


The Boot Power is a super compact, flexible, and space-saving drying panelfor 5, 10, 15, or 20pairs of shoes, offering a quick drying time from 45 minutes at an ambient temperature of 15 °C.

In addition, we offer a widerange of optional equipment, including germ reduction, various drying nozzles, and leveling feet.


Available in power-coated steel and stainless steel.


Dimensions (HxWxD in cm): 

• 198,4 x 26 x 31 (5 pairs)
• 198,4 x 52,4 x 31 (10 pairs)
• 207 x 86 x 32,2 (15 pairs)

• 207 x 114,8 x 32,2 (20 pairs)


For more information and to view our range of drying solutions, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech