A pleasant start to the workday with preheated clothing

Work clothing at Radatz is preheated in a WINTERSTEIGER drying locker.
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A pleasant start to the workday with preheated clothing

Radatz equips its cold storage facilities with a drying locker


Family-owned enterprise Radatz in Vienna, a master butchers for over 50 years, is giving its cold storage employees a token of its appreciation: A WINTERSTEIGER drying locker preheats their work clothing ready for the beginning of their shift.


The new Primus 2 closed drying locker, with space for clothing and shoes for two to four people, stands at the goods delivery entrance. Three employees store their outerwear inside the locker, giving them preheated work gear for when they start their shift. Their coats, pants, and shoes are all warm and dry.


"We really care about the wellbeing of our employees, which is why we have decided to make this investment," says Daniel Ertl. "We are absolutely delighted with the drying locker - it meets our needs exactly," he adds. Installing the drying locker was a breeze as it is a Plug and Play product, and it is extremely easy to use with a timer clock controlling its operating times.


The Primus 2 is a very spacious, flexible, and compactgroup locker for clothing, shoes, and boots for two to four people. There are two drying modes to choose from: Energy-efficient ambient drying or rapid warm air drying. The drying locker can be locked and is very easy to use with its 6-hour timer clock


• Dimensions (HxWxD in cm): 210 x 50 x 60

For more information and to view our range of drying solutions, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech