Econ Set 8 Helmet Premium Drying locker

Closed drying system for 8 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of gloves and 8 helmets

Econ Set 8 Helmet Premium Drying locker - Closed drying system for 8 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of gloves and 8 helmets

16 aluminum (alu oval) drying arms apiece with special plastic drying nozzles for boots (8 pairs) and gloves (8 pairs).


8x unique, removable blow-out stainless steel clothes hangers (air hanger) for hanging up jackets and pants and 8 internally ventilated helmet holders make handling and drying easier. 



Our GreenDry technology ensures the most energy-efficient and fastest drying thanks to condensation drying and can also be used at low ambient temperatures of 7 °C and above.


Maximum quality.

We only process hot galvanized high-quality thin-gage sheet metal. Together with our in-house powder coating, we ensure maximum corrosion protection.


Material-friendly drying.

A high-quality air circulation fan integrated into the body combined with heatedair ensures material-friendly and energy-saving kit drying.



The new xControl control unit with color display and industrial membrane keyboard offers users an easy, intuitive and multi-lingual user interface for the managing the timing and energy of the system.


The timers can be freely adjusted and a countdown timer can also be activated. The xControl control unit also offers the option of activating a definable drying cycle via an external input (EIB/home automation, etc.).




  • GreenDry drying system
  • Removable stainless steel blow-out clothes hanger (air hanger)
  • Easy operation thanks to the new xControl unit with color display 
  • Robust doors with special hinges including an opening restrictor
  • New, extremely robust anodized aluminum drying nozzles for helmets
  • New, extremely robust, anodized aluminum oval drying nozzles for boots and/or gloves
  • Easy emptying of the water tank or direct emptying via on-site drainage


Performance features:

  • xControl



  • With Sterex


Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 205 x 120 x 76 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 201 kg
  • Power consumption: 1890 W (Sterex: 1900 W)
  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC 


We reserve the right to make technical alterations

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