Tantum Var 12 Glove dryer

Open drying system for 12 pairs of gloves

Tantum Var 12 Glove dryer - Open drying system for 12 pairs of gloves

Space-saving variable dryer from the Tantum series which can be used horizontally or vertically. 24 aluminum drying arms (alu oval) with special plastic drying nozzles for gloves (12 pairs)


Maximum quality.

We only process hot galvanized high-quality thin-gage sheet metal. Together with our in-house powder coating, we ensure maximum corrosion protection.


Material-friendly drying.

A high-quality air circulation fan integrated into the body combined with heated air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving kit drying.



The new xControl control unit with color display and industrial membrane keyboard offers users an easy, intuitive and multi-lingual user interface for managing the timing and energy of the system.


The timers can be easily adjusted with the ability to activate a countdown timer. The xControl control unit also offers the option of activating a definable drying cycle via an external input (EIB/home automation, etc.).




  • Prepared for wall mounting
  • SpeedDry drying system
  • Easy operation thanks to the new xControl unit with color display 
  • New, extremely robust, anodized aluminum oval drying arms for gloves with unique blow-out end caps

Performance features:

  • xControl



  • With Sterex


Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 150 x 50 x 49 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Power consumption: 900 W (Sterex: 910 W)
  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC 


We reserve the right to make technical alterations

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