Talentum Uni 3 Boot & glove dryer

The Talentum Uni 3 is the ideal entry-level unit for anyone who requires a space-saving dryer with first-class drying performance. The Talentum Uni 3 is designed for single-sided use and can therefore fit into even the tightest spaces. The 6 aluminum drying arms (alu oval) with special plastic drying nozzles are designed for universal use with sports shoes, hiking boots, ski boots, and gloves.


Colors and finishes:

  • Black 3D
  • Architectural Bronze
  • Wood finish 1020 Oak black brown
  • Wood finish 1320 Walnut

The product is available in various designs and decors. You can find more variations in the picture gallery!

The colors displayed by the monitor may differ from the original. A color accuracy can not be guaranteed.

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