Energy-efficient condensation drying.

As well as recirculation drying, DRYTECH drying solutions also offer highly energy efficient and economical condensation drying. The lockers use up to 60% less energy than comparable products! This is achieved by reducing the number of
heating rods which only switch on briefly at the start of the drying cycle to reach the necessary operating temperature. They are then only switched on again when needed – if the locker falls below the required operating temperature. 


During condensation drying, moisture is condensed on side-mounted copper tubes that form part of a closed coolant circuit. The condensate is either collected in a water tank or fed directly back into the wastewater system via an outlet at the back of the unit, provided that a connection is available.


In addition to the energy savings, other benefits include an improved indoor climate and use at an ambient temperature of 7 °C and above. As the moisture is drawn out of the clothing in the locker and discharged, the ambient air is not saturated

with moisture, as is the case with simple dryers. This prevents mold and unpleasant musty smells in the basement and common rooms, and moisture from neighboring shower rooms is reduced.