Delta impresses with sophisticated engineering

Photographer: Olivier Mahieu, CARAH, Belgium

The Delta plot combine fulfills all the requirements for an efficient, clean harvest, from experimental plots to small seed increases. The Delta stands out due to exceptional stability and ruggedness thus ensuring reliability of use, even under difficult harvesting conditions. Thanks to its modular system, the combine is suitable for all harvesting conditions and customer requirements.


These strengths have been further enhanced in 2016.


New drive engine.

Since earlier this year, the Delta has been equipped with a new powerful Deutz common-rail turbo diesel engine that has four cylinders. The modern power unit has an output of 86 HP (63 kW) and a capacity of 3.6 liters. This means that the engine has significantly greater torque than its predecessor, which boosts the Delta's performance ability considerably.

The powerful unit also stands out, because it runs very smoothly and is considerably more economical than the previous model, consuming approx. 25 % less fuel. The state-of-the-art information terminal in the cab provides useful engine details. When the powertrain was being redesigned, one of the things taken into account was making the radiator easy to access and clean. The compressed air compressor is now included as standard.




New: Optimized seed transport.

Delta with optimized seed transport

To further improve the Delta's performance, the seed transport system (pipe system, switches and sluices) was revised and redesigned. The pneumatic seed delivery to the grain tank or the weighing system can handle up to 15 % more grain while the delivery system from the weighing system to the sampler up to 50 % more depending on the type of crop.



The cyclones used previously to separate the grain and air have been replaced by newly developed airfoil separators. This new and patented system separates the grain extremely efficiently and has a far lower height than conventional cyclones.



New: Bucket system (container weighing system)

Bucket system

This weighing system is designed to record the plot weight and for integrated connection of NIRS crop analysis. Excellent measuring precision and suitability for various plot yields are what characterize this harvesting data collection system. The patented stabilization of the weighing bucket on the leaf springs ensures it can be operated with 1 weighing cell.


The sequence is as follows during harvesting:


  • The weighing system comprises a weighing bucket with a weighing sensor and a holding hopper
  • The harvested material is either put into temporary storage or harvested directly into the weighing bucket
  • The weighing cycle is triggered manually at the end of the plot by pressing a button
  • The data is stored on an industrial PC
  • If a sampler is present, labels can be optionally printed directly in the field
  • Additionally, this weighing system has a countdown timer to determine the optimal weighing point

New: Foldaway steps

Foldaway steps

The optimal solution for harvesting center plots: the new, automatic foldaway steps. When the cabin door is closed, the steps automatically fold up pneumatically, which prevents plants from being trapped in the steps during harvesting. This is clearly a benefit! When the cabin door is opened, the steps automatically fold down again, thus guaranteeing the driver a safe exit.

New: NIR system solution for crop analysis.

NIR system solution for crop analysis

The presentation of the harvested material has a significant influence on the quality of the NIR analysis data. The important advantage of the NIR system solution is a result of the controlled passage of the harvested material past the NIR measuring head. This ensures that a representative analysis of the entire plot can be secured. The presentation of harvested material is suited for all kinds of crops from rapeseed to grain and legumes to grain maize. Subsequently, the Easy Harvest crop software automatically allocates the NIR analysis information to the respective plot and stores the data.


As a standard, the WINTERSTEIGER NIR system solution is equipped with POLYTEC contact measuring instruments. Other NIR measuring instruments are available upon request.