First Quantum "Row Crop Header" sold!

Plot combine Quantum with "Row Crop Header"

Following successful demonstrations of the new Quantum soya "Row Crop Header" harvesting attachment during the last harvest season in North America, we have now secured our first order. Our Quantum customer, BASF in Ames IOWA, has ordered a Row Crop Header for the 2018 harvest season.


The Row Crop Header is a cutting unit for harvesting soya beans with large row spacing intervals. The flat angle of the picking elements and the conveyor belt ensure the careful intake of crops, a low cutting height, and optimum feed. The stone trap prevents the intake of foreign objects. Thanks to its modular design, the Row Crop Header can be perfectly adapted to your needs and the respective soil conditions. The row units are hung flexibly, but can also be fixed in place. Sturdy, height-adjustable or rotating skids are available for the lowest of cutting heights, as well as side carrying wheels.