Winfield Solutions, a Land O’Lakes company, relies on the Dynamic Disc

In the Answer Plot® Program Winfield Solutions are managing plots at about 200 locations all over the country. The results of the plots are fed into the R7® Tool which is a comprehensive precision farming solution that enables variable-rate prescriptions for seed, crop protection and crop nutrient applications. By combining 20 years of satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data from Answer Plot® test sites, the R7® Tool generates field performance information for every acre and matches crop inputs and decisions to the potential of each field and each zone.

Matt Jones, Answer Plot equipment supervisor: „For planting our plots we have decided on the Dynamic Disc from WINTERSTEIGER for its precise seed placement and its versatility. With the new Easy Plant software it is easy to layout your field map in the office, transfer the field map to the planter and have great overview on the touch PC of the planting process. The ability to program different seed population for every 2 row plot is also an important feature for us along with the professional support WINTERSTEIGER offers for us across the country.“