New near-infrared system solution developed

For several years, the analysis of harvested material by means of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) has been advancing in the area of agricultural field trials. Online measurement on plot combines is playing an increasingly important role. During the online measurement, the presentation of harvested material has a decisive influence on the data quality of the NIR analysis.

WINTERSTEIGER has developed a new NIR system solution in collaboration with customers. The main advantage is given by the constant flow of the harvested material in front of the NIR sensor, which is representative for the entire plot. The presentation of harvested material is suitable for seeds ranging from canola to cerelas to legumes and corn.


The WINTERSTEIGER harvesting software Easy harvest automatically assigns the NIR analysis data to the plot and saves them.


As of now, the new NIR system solution is available as a standard option for the Delta plot combine.