WINTERSTEIGER MiniGIS 2 Geographic information system

Exact plot planning for precise and efficient implementation.

WINTERSTEIGER MiniGIS 2 Geographic information system - Exact plot planning for precise and efficient implementation.

WINTERSTEIGER MiniGIS 2 is a geographic information system that can be used to plan plot trials on the PC – true to scale and precisely where they will later be located.

  • Preparation of georeferenced field plans for use throughout the entire cultivation process
    With WINTERSTEIGER MiniGIS 2, you can plan and position your field trials in the field in advance in a manner that is accurate to the centimeter in consideration of heterogeneous ground conditions, field boundaries or obstacles. The trial data from Easy Breed can be imported for this purpose.


  • Georeferenced planting with Easy Plant or eMotion and Geo Link
    The field plans can be seamlessly transferred to the WINTERSTEIGER seeders Plot Motion and Dynamic Disc Plus. If Geo Link is also used, the planting is carried out independently of specific tractor steering systems. These are only still used to guide the towing vehicle and do not need to have any specific interfaces to the seeder. The driving routes can be imported into the steering systems of a wide range of manufacturers in .shp or .isoxml format.
  • Planning of all driving routes from preparation for planting, to planting and care through to harvesting
    The upstream trial planning in WINTERSTEIGER MiniGIS 2 means that upstream and downstream work steps in the field can also be considered. This makes it possible, for example, to plan the driving routes for upstream soil cultivation in such a way that the disruption that they cause due to possible soil compaction is the same in all plots or is even outside of the plots. This eliminates any further accidental disruptive influence on the plots and increases the quality of the trial results.

Use of georeferenced plot data for downstream appraisals

Georeferenced field plans can be used for taking field notes with robots or drones. The plot coordinates are defined and the assessment of the sensor data is carried out precisely within the georeferenced plots.

Plot planning – simple and quick on the PC.

The creation of trial plots using line marking machines and optical squares is a time-consuming undertaking. With MiniGIS, trials are “displayed” on the PC in consideration of the field boundaries. Trials can be placed precisely where there are the fewest differences in the soil and yield maps. This planning data is used as the basis for GNS systems, which control tractors and seeders automatically. As there is no need for marking work in the field before planting, the solution contributes to efficient and on-schedule cultivation. Thanks to the prepared driving routes, the creation and maintenance of paths is also automatically possible with an accuracy of up to 2.5 cm. Furthermore, steering systems can also initiate the seed exchange during planting automatically when entering the plot. There is therefore no need to mark the paths at all. In addition, MiniGIS offers modules for sprinkler control, flight planning for flight systems as well as assessment of the image data obtained (appraisal, growth height, and much more).

Key features:

  • Importing of shape files, such as field survey data in the WGS, Gauß-Krüger or UTM coordinate system
  • Preparation of trials with variable alley and partition widths, as well as plot lengths and widths
  • Alignment of the trial blocks
  • Creation and placement of trial blocks in real world coordinates
  • Alignment of trial blocks to field boundaries
  • Creation of driving routes for planting and for the care of alleys
  • To-scale print-out of the trial arrangement


Interfaces (data formats):


  • Importing of shape files, such as field survey data in the WGS, Gauß-Krüger or UTM coordinate system
  • Display of .shp and .kml files from, for example, Google Earth
  • Import of trials from Excel, Easy Breed, PIAF, and Schlingmann software
  • Display of background maps
  • Microsoft® Bing Maps as background map
  • Importing of soil and yield data


  • Data exchange via CSV interface
  • Export to other mobile end devices, for example survey systems
  • Export of the levels in shape or kml format for further processing with external software
  • Output of the driving routes to steering systems as .shp or .isoxml file
  • Output of the georeferenced field plan to Easy Plant or eMotion as .shp or .isoxml file
  • Output of the planning data as dxf file

WINTERSTEIGER MiniGIS 2 for PC and laptop

Technical system requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • 300 MB of available hard drive disk space
  • 2 GB RAM or more (depending on module combination)
  • Supported data formats: *.shp (ESRI Shape) and *.kml (Google Earth) (.dxf files)
  • Coordinate systems: lat/long (WGS84), UTM and Gauß-Krüger (Zone 2–5)

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