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Mercury - 2 modules

Automatic service station for skis and snowboards.

With Mercury, WINTERSTEIGER gives you access to the highest end of service performance. Whether Race, Carver, All Mountain or Rocker – Mercury‘s automated service procedure allows you to tune up to 30 pairs of skis to perfection every hour. Rest assured – this high level of performance will quickly increase revenues in the repair shop.


Mercury's flexible design can fully meet your needs. Customize your machine by choosing from a wide range of options.


  • 2 loading alternatives: Manual (M) or by loading unit (L)
  • 1 housing for 2 or 3 processing modules
  • Flexible combination of the modules Belt, Stone, Disc, Polishing or Finish

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

Precisely tailored to your needs

  • Flexibly combine stone, disc and polishing modules
  • A large selection of consumables to meet any shops tuning requirements
  • Extremely small footprint

Perfect service for more turnover

  • Precise and reproducible base structures
  • Sharpest edges for increased durability
  • Perfectly polished base edge at tip and tail

Efficient & economic operation

  • Grinding of all types of skis and snowboards without suction cups
  • Long service life of grinding accessories
  • User friendly operation with maximum safety thanks to a closed system