WINTERSTEIGER Easyrent offers you:

Software modules for a perfect organization - efficient to use in any combination

The complete rental solution.

Easyrent - the complete rental solutionEasyrent – the complete rental solution


The complete rental solution.


  • Rental functions – issuing, exchanging, returning
  • Z-score calculator for binding adjustments according to ISO 11088 standard
  • Client, branch, and workplace settings
  • An individual layout for every workplace
  • Cash desk functions with touchscreen and special Quickbar
  • Simple and clear material management
  • Flexible pricing based on price lists, price definitions, structures
  • Group administration – for families and groups of people
  • Travel agency, tour guide, and voucher management
  • Secure document capture – with webcam, passport reader, magnetic card reader
  • Print options – different formats A4, A5, sales slip printouts, labels
  • Paperless rental – digital, legally binding signature
  • Hotel administration, nominal charge management, season ticket management
  • Inventory management, depreciation, sale of rental items
  • Add-on for binding adjustment devices – adjustment desk, customer checks
  • Integrated ISO 13993 standard for rental equipment
  • Pre-season checks, spot tests
  • Test environment, backup options, maintenance options
  • Automatic update and service pack function
  • Diverse task routines for interfaces, reservations, and data backup
  • Extensive statistics and evaluations
  • Clearly structured lists for sales and payments as well as an invoice search function

The compact inventory management solution.

Easyware – compact inventory management solutionEasyware - die kompakte Warenwirtschaftslösung


Compact inventory management solution.


  • Stock-based inventory with product group management (FEDAS or manual)
  • Full POS functionality in conjunction with all other Easyrent modules – special cash register layout
  • Compatible with EAN codes or store-based label printing
  • Orders, returns, complaints, stock receipt, storage location
  • Articles in sorted tables to find them easily
  • Goods inventory
  • Customer bonus system
  • Automatic article import, DCC

Process optimization for the rental trade.

WINTERSTEIGER_Easyrent_Verleihsoftware_EasygateEasygate – process optimization for the rental trade.

Easygate speeds up and regulates the rental process. Monitors show customers who is next in line at the ski and boot issuing counter. The store assistant has the same overview and is able to control the sequence and distribution of customers.


The service and assembly Management.

WINTERSTEIGER Easyrent Verleihsoftware, Modul EasyworkEasywork – the service and assembly management

Allocation of items.

  • Sales items from inventory
  • Customer items, customer property
  • Creation and management
  • Service items – predefined items
  • With fixed price or by labor hours
  • Rental items
  • Special function for checking binding


  • Text management
  • Device overview

Price info.

  • Approval, maximum costs
  • Query info


Status management.

  • New order, quotation created, order approved, in progress, completed, collected


  • Accept order
  • Add additional items
  • Change status
  • Add notes, remarks
  • „Order complete“ notification


  • Collection date, place


  • Storage location
  • Handover – digital signature
  • Adjustment status
  • Customer information.
  • SMS, e-mail

Check, evaluation.

  • Order overview
  • Service monitor
  • Log entries


  • Documents.
  • Work order
  • Labels
  • Digital signature


Easywork is available as both a standalone program and as an extension to the Easyrent workstation.

The manned and self-service depot solution, chip depot

Easydepot - attended, unattended depot solution, chip depotEasydepot – Manned and self-service depot solution, chip depot


Manned and self-service depot solution, chip depot.


  • Manned and self-service depot solution for storage systems, lockers, or as add-on to RFID chip depots from various manufacturers
  • Clear and straightforward creation of different depot locations
  • Depot types, depot groups for manned and self-service depots
  • Lockers or as add-on to depots systems
  • Automatic allocation logic on the basis of various schemes
  • Printing of depot labels – different sizes and layouts
  • Reservation options – online, quotas, fixed spaces
  • Evaluations – sales, utilization, allocation
  • Depot machine for self-service


Easydepot is available as both a standalone depot program and as an extension to your Easyrent workstation.

Easyreservation Management of reservations

Local reservation.


  • Individual and group reservations
  • Reservations by device type, rental group, model- or item-specific
  • Availability check
  • Reservation form for school groups or tour groups
  • Reservation lists, sales slip printout, or labels
Easyreservation Online reservation portal

Online reservation portal.


  • Configuration and setup in Easyrent
  • Complete data upload – incl. regular customers
  • Image library for all the main manufacturers
  • Automatic search for regular customers
  • Reservations by rental group, size, model- or item-specific
  • Online payment option
  • Automatic download and import of online reservations
Online Checkin

Online check-in.

  • Call-up customer data according to self-defined input fields
  • For computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • For various operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • E-mail confirmation possible
  • Important marketing instrument: valuable customer data for newsletters
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