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TRC Manufactory

Timber Repair & Cosmetics.

The TRC Manufactory guarantees a unique end product every time. The machine finishes materials that have already been repaired and ground, such as raw planks or furniture panels. The planks can be formatted either before or after they are finished. TRC Manufactory scans each plank before finishing it. The software uses this scan to create a custom finishing program for each plank. This program could include a variety of finishing options: Milling/grinding the side edges, reworking knots, finishing the grain, milling out cracks… the individual combination of plank and finish results in a unique product every time with an attractive look and feel.



Applications: engineered wood flooring, solid wood boards, multi-layer boards, furniture panels, etc.



Wood dimensions:

Length: 500 mm (19.68“) – theoretically infinite

Width: 100 – 650 mm (3.94 – 25.59“)

Thickness: 8 – 45 mm (0.31 – 1.77“)

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!