Micro Grinder HT

Saw sharpening machine | Année de construction 2014
Saw sharpening machine with wet grinding arrangement for DSG saw blades
Each saw blade is sharpened independently. The flow sharpening system enables a time-saving and accurate sharpening of the saws, time-consuming clamping of the saws is dropped.
The blade is feeded directly at the saw tooth, how small faults at the saw blade are balanced and valuable stellite is saved. This allows you to resharpen the saw blades 20 or more times.
The durable disc spindle and blade tension provide a smooth and accurate tooth form with a long lasting grinding disc.
Differently thick saw blades can be placed in the center easily by the installed measuring instrument.
Wet grinding arrangement for a special fine grinding result and saving of the grinding disc. Container is integrated in the machine stand.

Voltage: 3x40–415V/50Hz
Number: GSO-0882-B (58-120-801)
Equipment details, price and availability on request