In the early 2000s, the Ried site was greatly expanded and modernized.

New exhibition hall.

In 2002, WINTERSTEIGER built a 600-square-meter exhibition hall: in just 6 months, the former warehouse for product presentations as well as employee and customer training courses was renovated. The ceremonial opening took place at the annual tribute to long-serving employees. At the time there was still space in the exhibition for all 3 Divisions: Sports, Seedmech and Woodtech. Today, each has its own showroom. Sports kept the first exhibition hall, which was completely redesigned in 2023.


New production hall.

After the exhibition, the construction of the new production hall began, including a wing for social facilities and offices in place of the former Treitinger hall on the Am Burgfried road. It was completed in 2004. At a total of 7 million euros, this was the biggest single investment project at that point in the history of the company.