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First digital thin-cutting band saw developed

Dünnschnitt Bandsäge

In 2021, the DSB Twinhead Pro thin-cutting band saw signaled the arrival of a new generation of machines. Packed with digital features, a fully redesigned user interface, and optimized for soft woods, the saw simply has no equal on the market. This development project was all about enhancing a tried and tested machine by incorporating advances in digitalization.


Digitalization for more efficient production processes

Recent years have shown that digitalization has also reached the woodworking industry. With so much data available for the cutting process, such as on feed speeds for different kinds of wood, it was possible to draw conclusions about saw blade optimization. It was therefore a logical step for our R&D engineers to pick up the challenge. The following digital solutions were implemented with the DSB Twinhead Pro for the first time:

Digital saw blade detection

The band saw detects the WINTERSTEIGER saw blade and provides data on the cutting process. Machine and tool data are thereby linked, simplifying tool management as a result. 

Automatic block width measurement

Optical sensors allow the saw to measure the width of the wooden block and the customer receives reliable information about throughput, or in other words, how many square meters have been cut over a specific period of time.

Automatic bearing monitoring

Bearing monitoring documents the condition of the bearings and can anticipate imminent bearing damage.

Connection to the WINTERSTEIGER customer platform

Production output data (per shift, for example) and tool management are stored and displayed in a clear and structured way in the cloud. This valuable information forms the basis for continuous optimization of the production process.

Fit for soft wood

As the price of timber rises, high-quality thin cutting – with a very thin kerf for less raw material wastage – is becoming ever more important in the soft wood sector too. This trend has already been taken up in an engineering project and the new band saws for soft wood have been optimized. The machines now come with extremely powerful chip extraction and achieve a faster feed with speeds of up to 45 meters per minute.