WINTERSTEIGER welcomes 15 new apprentices

Apprentices at WINTERSTEIGER 15 new apprentices at WINTERSTEIGER in August, as pictured here with apprentice supervisor Christian Scharnböck, CFO Harold Kostka, CEO Florestan Boxberg, CTO Christian Rauscher, and head of apprenticeship program Johann Hattinger

In August, 15 new apprentices started at WINTERSTEIGER AG in Ried. The company is offering 4 different apprenticeship courses for this year. The young people - including 4 female apprentices - will be trained in the occupations of internal logistics, office administration, metal engineering, and electrical engineering.


These newcomers can look forward to a high-quality practical training experience; something that has been verified by the rate of success in the final apprenticeship exams. More than 30 % of WINTERSTEIGER apprentices have successfully completed the examination in the last 10 years.

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