Full ahead!

Booth at the SMM in HamburgBooth at the SMM in Hamburg

Drytech solutions for the maritime industry.


WINTERSTEIGER presented its Drytech drying solutions for the first time at the SMM in Hamburg, the leading international trade fair for shipping and port management.


While Drytech solutions are already being used successfully in the fishing industry, the demand for drying cabinets is also increasing in shipbuilding and port management. A strong advantage of the Drytech products: all dryers are available in stainless steel and the risk of rust - an important issue in salt water - is thus greatly reduced.


The trade fair feedback was very positive. The visitors were particularly impressed by the rapid drying from approx. 1.5 hours – the drying solutions "would be ingenious for a ship's crew working mainly outdoors and constantly with wet clothing".


Drying cabinet Combi Eco for 8 complete equipmentsDrying locker Combi Eco for 8 complete equipments

Combi Eco drying locker in condensation process.

The highlight of the fair was the innovative Combi Eco drying cabinet for 8 complete equipments, which works with condensation. This process removes moisture from the material, cools it down and drains it as condensation water from the cabinet, i.e. moisture does not return from the cabinet to the changing room. Another plus point: the Combi Eco is very energy-efficient and saves up to 60 % electricity compared to conventional dryers and dries hygienically clean.


Boot dryer also with ozone lamp.

The open boot drying panels "Boot 5 Power" and "Boot 10 Power" successfully rounded off WINTERSTEIGER's trade fair appearance. The boot dryers can also be equipped with an ozone lamp: Germs, bacteria and fungi are reduced and odours eliminated.

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