Combi Eco drying locker

© Adobe Stock/Chris Lofty

"Our 20 canal maintenance employees regularly work outside in bad weather, such as rain or snow, so we provide them with a variety of clothing, such as thick winter coats or waterproof outfits with membranes. The challenge was that a conventional dryer was not delivering the results we wanted. After comparing different providers, we were won over by the advantages that WINTERSTEIGER offered. For us, one of the key bonuses is that moisture is not released into the surrounding air. Plus the fact that we can dry both shoes and gloves in the combination device is another benefit of the Combi Eco. The timer clock also allows you to set the device up so that everything is dry for when you start work. We're very satisfied with everything."



Erwin Eicholz, Moselle-Saar-Lahn Waterways, and Shipping Office, talking about the Combi Eco


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech