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WINTERSTEIGER is partner of the following international companies



Australian Grain Technologies Pty Ltd

Roseworthy, Australia

“With Australia’s largest field plot program, AGT has for many years relied on WINTERSTEIGER products to achieve optimum harvest quality, and therefore superior breeding outcomes. Given the quality of the products and the high level of after sales service and support, we envisage continuing our association with WINTERSTEIGER for many years to come.”
Phil Keatley, Infrastructure Manager

Krasnodar State Agricultural Institute

Krasnodar, Russia

„Nasz instytut używa wszystkich typow urządzeń firmy WINTERSTEIGER od zaprawiarki laboratoryjnej Hege 11 do kombajnow poletkowych Classic, Delta and Quantum. Nasze doświadczenie pokazuje że WINTERSTEIGER dostarcza najlepszy sprzęt do doświadczeń poletkowych i także najlepszy serwis techniczny spośrod innych firm na rynku.“

Prof. Dr. Alexander Romanenko, Director





Inchy en Artois, France


“Jako wiodąa europejska firma badawcza w zakresie upraw rolniczych, podjęiśy decyzjęo stałj wspołracy z firmą WINTERSTEIGER. Powodem tej decyzji jest wysoka jakośćproduktow, łtwośćtransportu maszyn, szybkośćreakcji na zgłszany problem i dostęnośćczęśi zamiennych. Ostatnio powięszyliśy nasząflotę14-tu kombajnow i 15-tu siewnikow o kolejny kombajn poletkowy Delta.”

Yves Bonnave, Head of Purchasing



BioChem agrar GmbH

Gerichshain, Germany

“Thanks to the excellent performance and reliability of the WINTERSTEIGER machines, we are able to handle our wide-ranging experiments quickly and efficiently and with outstanding quality.”
Dr. Joachim Winkler, General Manager 


Dow AgroSciences




Hamar, Norway

“Norway has harsh weather conditions also in the growing season, which require robust and dependable experimental machinery. Graminor has since early seventies very successfully relied on experimental machinery from WINTERSTEIGER. We are grateful to them for good cooperation over many years and looking forward to further collaboration.”
Magne Gullord, Managing Director

Hankkija Oy


Link to our harvest video with Classic plot combine:

Henan Xinxiang Academy Wheat Institute

Xinxiang city, Henan province, China

“We think that machines from WINTERSTEIGER are very efficient and are very suitable for clients like us who have lots of plot testing and many varieties of crops. In addition, WINTERSTEIGER’s after sales service is very good; the engineer was giving professional training to our staff.”
Fan Yongsheng, Vice Director / Wheat breeder



South Africa

Research Centre for Cultivar Testing

Słupia Wielka, Poland

„As a National Variety Office we appreciate very much our cooperation with WINTERSTEIGER in the field of supplying of high-quality equipment which is used regularly in our experimental work in Poland.“
Prof. Dr. Edward S. Gacek, General Director



Inchy en Artois, France

“As a leading European service provider in field experimentation, we have made the long-term decision to cooperate with WINTERSTEIGER. The reasons for this are the high quality of its products, the easy transportability of machines and the rapid response times for customer service and the delivery of spare parts. Along with 14 plot combines and 15 plot seeders, we recently extended our fleet with a Delta plot combine.”
Yves Bonnave, Head of Purchasing

State Institute for Varieties Testing and Registration

Bucharest, Romania

“Our selection for the WINTERSTEIGER company was based on several reasons: the high experience in agricultural machineries, the precision of the equipments for experimental fields, the well known brand and the reputation of your company in the world.”
Antonia Invascu, Managing Director


Syngenta Seeds

Whittlesford/Cambridge, Great Britain

“We have been very impressed by how well the Monoseed B has worked in adverse conditions.”
Paul Hurst, Plant Breeder