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The multifunctional furniture for capturing customer data.

The computer cabinet for the Check-In is available in two sizes depending on the type of PC used: Check-In Basic offers space for a PC, Check-In Small utilizes a printer cabinet and shelf for working with a Touch PC. The slip printer and the clearance for removing the slips are ideally located and ensure best possible use of space with both the Check-In Basic and the Check-In Small. A basic printer mount is also available for use without either cabinet.


The Check-In can be attached to a pillar (115 or 193 cm, 45.3“ or 76“) for single-sided or double-sided use, or mounted directly to a wall.


  • Check-In double side
  • Check-In with sales stand
  • Check-In for wall mounting
  • Check-In for wall mounting in a row


Attachment for information and guidance system with or without LED illumination