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A range of social benefits

You don't stumble across a good working environment by accident. Often, it's the little things that really boost morale. These are the benefits we have to offer – alongside a salary, of course.



In-house employee restaurant with varying lunch menus (always including a vegetarian option).


Food allowance


WINTERSTEIGER employees receive a subsidy for lunch.




Hot and cold snacks, as well as sweet items, are available in the restaurant and from vending machines.




Coffee, tea, and cold drinks are available in the employee restaurant, from the vending machines, and in the coffee room.



We'll help you get your vitamins with our readily available fresh fruit.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle


Various sporting activities as well as presentations on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness opportunities


Discounted membership to a local gym.

Company physician


Available regularly for consultations and there to provide vaccinations and workplace evaluations.

Mental health


We offer rapid support and arrange free therapy sessions where necessary.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle


Various sporting activities as well as presentations on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Employee events


Regular company parties (e.g., summer party, Christmas party, celebrations for completed projects), the annual ski trip, and traditional company sports activities to promote great team spirit.

Fun corner


Company sports competitions in four disciplines with great prizes for the winners, as well as numerous meeting areas in company premises.

Educational leave/career breaks


It is possible to take a leave of absence to pursue further education opportunities or a career break/sabbatical during an existing period of employment.

Flexible working hours


Flexible working hours for both clerical and manual workers.

Working from home


Our official working from home guidelines give you the opportunity to work from home.

Company cars


Dependent on position. We also offer pool cars for business trips.

Company cell phones


Company cell phones that may also be used as personal phones.

Employee laptops


Many of our employees work on company laptops, which may also be used for non-work-related activities.



Our offices are designed to be as accessible as possible – structural changes are made whenever necessary.

Mentoring programs


Individual training schedules and support provided by specific colleagues or the whole team.



Parking available directly in front of the company premises or areas around the site.

Public transit


Only a few minutes' walk from the train station and bus stops.

Training and professional development


Induction phase including training schedule, annual performance review where personal training measures are agreed, WINTERSTEIGER talent management program to promote specialist and management careers, company-specific sales academy, as well as opportunities for experiences abroad in subsidiary offices.

Employee benefits


Use of various services or reduced rates and discounts through our partners.

Employee incentives


Performance-based reward scheme, as well as employee bonuses (e.g., for recommending new employees or for successfully completing projects).

Supplementary insurance


Collective accident insurance for business trips, as well as discounted supplementary health insurance through our partner.



We have founded our own charity to support employees and their relatives in difficult personal situations.


Staff loans


We offer loans at favorable rates of interest to our employees.

Vehicle allowance


Our apprentices receive a free annual “Jugendticket-Netz” card, which is valid on all OÖVV transport routes.

Employee gifts


Free ski grinding day, Christmas gifts, gifts for special occasions (e.g., weddings or birth of children), as well as an above-average birthday bonus.

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