WINTERSTEIGER and ÖSV: Stepping into ski race servicing

WINTERSTEIGER has been the exclusive machine supplier to the Austrian Ski Association (Ski Austria) for 25 years, having first entered into the ski racing market in 1998. This was a very important move for WINTERSTEIGER for two reasons: firstly to support marketing for sports retail, and secondly as input for further development of the machines. This is because race servicing needs the ultimate precision for ski edges and the base grid, as the material can mean the difference of hundredths of a second and therefore decide who places where.


The first race service machine was more successful than expected.

In 2000, WINTERSTEIGER developed its first machine for professional racing with the Micro NC, a computer-controlled precision stone grinding machine. It significantly exceeded expectations and, after the original estimation of five to six machines, the company sold around 30 of the Micro NCs.


The successor product, the Race NC, is used by high-profile ski producers and ski associations. This machine is characterised by the highest precision and the exact adjustment of the parameters with the stone and diamond grinding tools: This optimises the structural properties of the ski base.

Advertising is important!

The advertising collaboration with ÖSV came about with the support of Intersport. WINTERSTEIGER was already producing the initial advertising material for sports retail, namely for Intersport in its corporate design. Intersport in turn was already working with the ÖSV and established contact with WINTERSTEIGER when WINTERSTEIGER got photos from ÖSV for promotional purposes. This was the start of the support of sports retail with the promotion of ski service.


Race service in the company.

The partnership with the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), which was established in 1998, is an unparalleled success story. Since then, the contract with the ÖSV has been renewed every five years. WINTERSTEIGER is working intensively on the field of racing service and has set up its own racing team, which is available as a point of contact for racing departments: WINTERSTEIGER incorporates this expertise into the machine developments, and ski service machines are developed further based on findings from racing. As a result, all skiers benefit from the cooperation.