WINTERSTEIGER supports sustainability

Solar power and electromobility

Our first photovoltaic system went into operation in March 2021. It covers an area of 2830 m² spread across seven company roofs and has an output of 300 kWp. Subsequently, in 2022 the new "Technology & Service Seedmech" building was also equipped with PV modules. This allows WINTERSTEIGER to achieve a total output of 500 kWp and cover its entire base load with green electricity – the equivalent of supplying 50 households with power.


Switching to electric vehicles

Giving employees the option to use electric cars goes hand in hand with the expansion of photovoltaics. The first two company electric cars were bought in 2021 and boast a battery capacity of 58 kWh and a range of approx. 300 km. They are used for trips within the town of Ried, to the logistics center in St. Martin, and for customer visits. Since December 2022, employees have been able to make use of a subsidized electric car from WINTERSTEIGER. 88 employees are currently part of the "Social Car" project and use a WINTERSTEIGER electric car. At the same time, charging stations are also being expanded – 20 parking spaces with chargers are available and a 150-kW quick-charging station is in the pipeline.

Social car

If you count up all the cars, including company cars, pool vehicles, and social cars, 100 employees are already benefiting from electromobility!


If you would like to find out more, take a look at our Sustainability Report (PDF), which we have been publishing annually on our website since 2013.