NEW: Easyrent online check-in.

Easyrent Online Check-In

As an alternative to our online-reservation service, you can now also offer your customers online check-in services. Just like for an airline flight, customers can already carry out their check-in at home or while travelling and thus shorten the check-in process on location: customers receive a barcode or confirmation per e-mail with which they can identify themselves directly at the adjustment desks in the shop.


Whether per computer, tablet or smartphone and independent of the operating system (iOs, Android, Windows), the Easyrent

web-based online check-in provides a comfortable way to register customer data. You can adapt the data items to be

requested (name, address, physical info, as well as type of equipment, pick-up location and time period) to fulfill your

individual requirements and use them for marketing activities.


If you are interested in this new module, please contact your Easyrent customer service. It will be a pleasure to give you further information.




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