Special edition of the Boot 10 TS used to dry powered air respirator helmets.

Thanks to the WINTERSTEIGER special edition drying locker, powered air respirator helmets for head, face, and breathing protection are ready to use again in no time.
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WINTERSTEIGER helmet dryer used at Varta Microbattery GmbH.

Special edition of the Boot 10 TS used to dry powered air respirator helmets.


Personal protective equipment is vital for employees working in battery manufacturing. Managers at Varta place their trust in the WINTERSTEIGER eight-helmet dryer to ensure that their powered air respirator helmets, which provide head, face, and breathing protection, can be reused quickly after a shift.


Our colleagues in the production facilities need personal protective equipment,” says Franz Fuchs from Varta Microbattery GmbH. He continues, “That used to be protective masks, but now the entire set of safety equipment has been changed to these state-of-the-art powered air respirator helmets.” Headquartered in Ellwangen, near Aalen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), the company is a subsidiary of the publicly listed Varta AG Group. Varta AG manufactures an extensive range of batteries across five production sites and plants in Europe and Asia – from microbatteries and household batteries to energy storage systems and customer-specific battery solutions for a wide range of applications.


Varta opted for a WINTERSTEIGER helmet dryer based on the Boot 10 TS model to ensure that their powered air respirator helmets could be quickly dried and reused. “The helmet dryer is used where compounds are prepared – in the mixing departments,” explains Mr. Fuchs. “All employees working at mixing facilities use the Boot 10 TS to dry their powered air respirator helmets.” The helmets are dried after every shift so that they can be reused as soon as possible, which is where the timer clock comes in handy. 


“So that everyone can easily access the helmet dryer, we’ve placed it in the area just outside of the production facilities, near the entrance,” explains Mr. Fuchs, adding, “And the helmet dryer looks great too, so that’s perfect.” Franz Fuchs says the drying locker’s extra advantages include its high-quality workmanship and WINTERSTEIGER’s excellent customer support. “The customized holder was also a key feature for us,” says Mr. Fuchs. “The dryer was customized quickly and exactly to specifications. We found that every aspect of working with WINTERSTEIGER was perfect.”


The Boot 10 TS is a drying locker for up to 10 pairs of shoes or boots. This compact and versatile drying locker is a hygienic and space-saving solution to dry shoes quickly from as little as 45 minutes and in an ambient temperature of 10 °C, depending on the material. 


The drying locker is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. There are two timer clocks to choose from: One 6-hour timer clock for maximum flexibility and one 7 days/24-hour timer clock for fixed drying times. The locker reduces germs without using chemicals.


An ozone lamp can also be integrated as an optional extra, reducing germs and bacteria, and eliminating odors.


The Boot 10 TS also provides greater comfort with preheated shoes/boots. 


Available in power-coated steel and stainless steel


Dimensions (HxWxD in cm):

• 210 x 58 x 50


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech

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