Transmission system operator TAG relies on WINTERSTEIGER drying locker

Transmission system operator TAG relies on WINTERSTEIGER drying locker

TAG: Dry work clothes thanks to Multi Eco


The Austrian transmission system operator Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG) is the main artery of the natural gas network in central Europe. When it comes to drying work clothes, TAG relies on the Multi Eco group drying locker from WINTERSTEIGER.


"We definitely recommend the Multi Eco from WINTERSTEIGER because it does exactly what it says it will do," says Ewald Bichler, Chief Operator of the Competence Center Styria of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG). As the main artery of the natural gas network in central Europe, TAG is responsible for transporting natural gas from the Slovakian/Austrian border to the Austrian/Italian border. More than 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas are transported annually through approximately 1,140 kilometers of high-pressure gas pipes in TAG’s pipeline network.


The company's management, which is based in Vienna, opted for the modern "Multi Eco" group drying locker by WINTERSTEIGER. The Multi Eco dries employees’ work clothes and gloves quickly, efficiently, and with up to 60 percent less power consumption than conventional devices. "We dry mainly overnight," explains Ewald Bichler. "Occasionally, however, we also use the flexible 6-hour timer clock. One of the advantages of the Multi Eco is that both options are available." The group drying locker offers the option of a 6-hour timer clock for flexibility and a 7-day/24-hour timer clock for fixed drying times.


The energy-saving group drying locker is located in the company’s garage area. “Colleagues use the Multi Eco regularly," says Ewald Bichler. "They are all very satisfied with the drying locker’s performance and the intuitive operation.”


The Multi Eco is a group drying locker for clothes. It is an ideal complete solution with different drying modes.

The Multi Eco includes two bars for hangers – the lower one can be removed. The bars for hangers can be used to dry 12 overalls or 24 jackets and trousers for which special hangers are available. In addition, the Multi Eco has a 12-pair holder for gloves on the inside of the door and an integrated water tank for condensate.


The energy-saving, hygienic, and efficient drying locker impresses with a reduction in power consumption of up to 60 % compared with conventional devices. 

The Multi Eco can used at an ambient temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and above.


The drying locker is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation and comes fitted with a 6-hour timer clock for flexibility and a 24-hour timer clock.


WINTERSTEIGER also offers a wide range of optional equipment such as optional disinfection using ozone, which reduces germs and bacteria and eliminates odors.



Available in power-coated steel.

Dimensions (HxWxD in cm):

210 x 130 x 83.5


For more information, please visit: www.wintersteiger.com/drytech