WINTERSTEIGER Forays into Cycling in North America

Wintersteiger showroom featuring new Bike Services productsWINTERSTEIGER Group showroom featuring new Bike Service products

With a suite of comprehensive bike service solutions for retailers, rental and tour operators, and municipalities


WINTERSTEIGER, a trusted partner in the winter sports industry since 1953, renowned for its exceptional Ski Services division, is excited to announce its entry into the world of Bike Services. Responding to the growing demand for comprehensive service solutions in the cycling industry, WINTERSTEIGER has made it their mission to become a go-to destination for bike retailers and other bicycle related businesses worldwide. WINTERSTEIGER Bike Service products have been in R&D and production in Austria since 2020, this is the first year products are readily available in North America.


The Bike Services division of WINTERSTEIGER aims to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience for brands, retailers, resorts, tour operators, municipalities and other businesses that have large fleets of bicycles or a lot of bike traffic, catering to their equipment service needs. Leveraging their extensive expertise and resources, WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize operations, increase safety, enhance customer experience, and drive business success.


At the core of WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services are two state-of-the-art, eco-friendly bike washing stations, Veloclean and Velobrush. These industry-leading machines, developed by WINTERSTEIGER's dedicated team of experts, deliver individual and fleet maintenance solutions tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the cycling industry. They are eBike-safe, component-friendly, and can be used on suspension parts and high-tech carbon frames. With Veloclean's manual cleaning experience and Velobrush's automated convenience, businesses can expect conscientious care for each bike, ensuring exceptional cleaning results and saving valuable water, resources, time and effort. Veloclean has already won an ISPO award and Velobrush is the “Official bike wash of Outerbike 2023”.


While these bike wash stations are the newest products for the brand, WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services is more than just bike washing. The division offers a complete suite of proven products that carry over from their Ski Services division to meet the diverse needs of the cycling industry as well. Easyrent rental software and Easywork workshop software are powerful tools that streamline rental and workshop processes, enabling retailers to efficiently manage inventory, handle reservations, track service history, and provide a seamless customer experience. These comprehensive software solutions enhance productivity, optimize workflow, and maximize revenue potential. They also integrate with Shift4 and Lightspeed.


Another carryover from the ski industry, is WINTERSTEIGER Easystore equipment storage racks. Customized for Bike Services with a specialized bike hanging system, to offer a practical and space-saving solution for safe equipment storage and attractive merchandise display. These racks can easily convert over to ski or other storage for winter. The brand also offers drying lockers and gear drying systems, ensuring quick and efficient drying and disinfection of gear like rental helmets and body armor.

The entry into Bike Services by WINTERSTEIGER is driven by a deep understanding of the industry's evolving needs and a dedication to staying ahead of the curve. With WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services, retailers can rely on a trusted partner with a proven track record of excellence in multiple industries. The company's expansion into bike services signifies a commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the rapidly growing cycling sector.


WINTERSTEIGER extends heartfelt gratitude to its loyal customers who have supported them throughout the years, inspiring the company to expand its horizons and embark on this exciting journey. WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services is confident that it will not only meet but exceed customer expectations, striving to become the trusted service companion for bike retailers worldwide.