Drying of sports and business clothing

Perfect for bike commuters and competitive sports

The daily bike ride to the office would be fun. But what do you do with sweaty or wet clothes and towels?

The Drytech product range has the perfect solutions:


  • Condensation drying lockers (please note the product name "ECO"!)
  • Low power consumption, high performance
  • Disinfection of sportswear with ozone to guard against sweaty and stale odors
  • Available as standalone units or combinations


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Your benefits in one click:

Optional aromas and fragrances can be added to the clothing

Optional for freshly scented clothing.

We offer a variety of fragrances that can be introduced into the locker in low dosages. Freshen your sports or business clothes with your favorite fragrance!

Increased lifetime of garments and environmentally friendly.

Even the best sportswear has to be washed relatively frequently. Daily drying and disinfection in the drying lockers allow the clothes to be worn much more frequently until the next laundry day and still remain fresh. Our drying lockers also offer tools to position shoes, gloves, rainwear, helmets, towels, and similar optimally for drying.

After work, the business clothes, including the shoes, are put in the drying locker, and are aired out and sterilized for 1–2 hours.

Maximum bacteria reduction and odor neutralization using ozone.

The air inside the locker circulates continuously during the drying process and can be enriched with ozone if desired.

Ozone is one of the most effective disinfection agents. One of its properties is that it breaks down into pure oxygen seconds later and is therefore neither harmful to the environment nor to humans.
The familiar smells in exposed areas of clothing are not caused by sweat itself, but by bacteria that develop in this damp environment.

It is similar to wet clothes. If the drying process is incomplete without disinfection, they become musty and need to be washed more frequently.

Fast and gentle drying thanks to energy-saving condensation.

For sports and business, we recommend condensation drying. It uses up to 60 % less energy than pure hot air drying, and it protects clothes.

In particular, expensive work attire can react very sensitively to excessive temperature rises. With condensation drying, the moisture is extracted and discharged from the air via a heat exchanger. This requires only a small amount of heating and the energy consumption is reduced.

Another positive side effect is that these lockers also remove moisture from the surrounding air. The lockers are often located in basements or next to showers. The high humidity in the room has a negative effect on the drying quality of the clothes. Conversely, the room's humidity can also be reduced, improving the overall indoor climate!

Practical storage for business AND sports clothing

The lockable drying lockers are also ideal for storing your sports and business clothes. Even when the drying and hygiene functions are not switched on, they provide protection against theft and damage.

With intelligent controls, the lockers can be integrated into the existing locking system.

An advance booking feature via mobile phone app can also be installed. This is advantageous for larger businesses with a limited number of available drying lockers. After all, you want to know before you leave home that a drying locker will be available after you arrive at the office!

Doesn't drying need electricity too?

Yes, but the costs of an e-bike and drying clothes is impressive compared to using a car!
Of course, hardly anyone will ride a bicycle 16.8 km to work but switching to public transport would not increase energy consumption. Therefore, this calculation can be considered representative.

The additional costs of the car (building roads, land use, etc.) were not taken into account here!

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