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History WINTERSTEIGER/Ski2 Industrie drying systems

Hygienic Drying Solutions

Since 1953, WINTERSTEIGER has been your successful partner for drying solutions with integrated disinfection, sanitation and deodorization. At the origin, these devices were intended for the winter sports market.


There is increasing awareness of the need for professional and careful handling of the work clothes and gear of industrial clients (such as those in the food industry and chemical & pharmaceutical industries) and companies related to infrastrucutre (railways, roads, airports, energy, water, etc.) and construction, as well as towns, police, military and fire fighters. Therefore, the product range of the winter sports industry was adapted specifically to meet the demands of such users.


In 2002, WINTERSTEIGER acquired the French drying specialist Ski2. The combined knowledge and resulting cutting-edge product range (distributed under the brand "Ski2 Industrie" in France) has since been rewarded with multiple prizes for innovations.





An investment in drying systems for work clothes has a positive effect on workers' comfort and hygiene. Furthermore, the life of your valuable work gear is prolonged and drying lockers can even save on energy costs compared to traditional drying rooms!


WINTERSTEIGER is your global partner for solutions for drying, disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing all kinds of work wear.


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