Customizable solution for drying plastic components

Primus Eco for drying 3D-printed plastic components
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Primus Eco for the global market leader in the field of innovative surface finishing

Customizable solution for drying plastic components


WINTERSTEIGER's professional drying systems are primarily used for clothing and equipment. Munich-based DyeMansion is now using them to dry 3D-printed plastic components with great results after the Primus Eco was tailored to the company's requirements.


"We have used the Primus Eco for a completely different purpose; we are drying 3D-printed plastic parts in there instead of clothing," explains Tibor Näther, Head of DyeMansion On-Demand Services. Munich-based company DyeMansion is a global market leader in surface finishing solutions and the dyeing of powder-based, additive-manufactured plastic components. Customers from a variety of sectors, including automotive, lifestyle, retail, medical engineering, and sports equipment, rely on DyeMansion solutions for their dyeing and finishing needs.


Drying components is a key step in the coordinated, three-stage print-to-product workflow. WINTERSTEIGER's technology – or to be more precise, Drytech professional drying systems – was sought to help with this stage. "Our finishing department, the on-demand service, primarily handles the final processing of our customers" 3D components," explains Mr. Näther. "We dye and dry the parts and then send them back to the customer."


The Primus Eco model underwent additional customization to meet DyeMansion's special requirements. "We needed six rails in the drying locker to dry the parts, as well as mesh baskets to place them in," explains Mr. Näther. "Six layers were therefore added, which we use to dry parts from anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours."


Mr. Näther found the advice given by the WINTERSTEIGER experts for such complex work to modify the locker to be of particular significance. "The service we received from WINTERSTEIGER was excellent and we were extremely satisfied. For example, we were sent pictures of the baskets in advance, which were then manufactured for us. While the locker was being developed, we realized that the baskets needed an extra metal sheet so that nothing could drip down from one rail onto the next. WINTERSTEIGER sorted that out immediately. What's more, the lockers work perfectly."


The Primus Eco is a group locker for clothing and offers a complete solution with different drying methods. The space-saving combination for shoe, boot, and glove drying makes it particularly suited to drying work clothing and equipment.

The energy-saving, efficient drying locker impresses with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 60 % compared with conventional devices. 

The Primus Eco can used at an ambient temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and above.


The drying locker is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation and comes fitted with a 6-hour timer clock.


WINTERSTEIGER also offers a wide range of optional equipment such as the ozone lamp, which reduces germs and bacteria and eliminates odors. Optional features include holders for six pairs of gloves on the inside of the door and space for 18 nozzles, which can be combined as required.


Available in power-coated steel.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD in cm): 220,5 x 60 x 70,5


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech