Well-equipped for every outdoor deployment thanks to the "Individual" concept

WINTERSTEIGER drying lockers make working outdoors easy

Well-equipped for every outdoor deployment thanks to the "Individual" concept


Rain or snow, it doesn't matter: Municipal employees responsible for street and canal maintenance or waste collection in the city of Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) work outside, whatever the weather. Drying locker systems were purchased from WINTERSTEIGER to ensure that clothing and protective footwear can be dried quickly and thoroughly after being worn.


"Employees working in street or canal maintenance, parks and green space maintenance, or waste collection are always exposed to the elements," explains Hans Heinrich Pohlmann from the city of Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein. This meant that changing room locker equipment with an integrated and efficient drying system needed to be purchased for all employees working outdoors to dry and disinfect their full work gear and protective footwear.


All of the required features were covered thanks to WINTERSTEIGER's "Individual" concept. "Our employees are really happy with the changing room lockers," says Mr. Pohlmann. "We dry the equipment in bulk overnight, but sometimes we do it during the day using the central control unit. All 209 of our individual lockers were combined into twelve blocks, with each block controlled by its own 24-hour timer clock. That's a real bonus for us as it guarantees that employees can put on dry clothes and footwear at any time."


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech


According to Mr. Pohlmann, one of the system's major benefits is its condensation drying feature with simultaneous disinfection, guaranteed by WINTERSTEIGER's drying concept. "Odors are not an issue thanks to germ reduction without the use of chemical additives. And that's not a trivial matter either, as all our employees use the drying lockers, so there's usually a large amount of clothing and footwear being dried."


Mr. Pohlmann also expresses his delight at how well the collaboration with WINTERSTEIGER went: "The support received and the way in which everything was handled by the field sales representatives was really professional and friendly. We are extremely satisfied."

The "Individual" system is a customizable cabinet and locker concept with an efficient drying and disinfecting system. The basic version of the customizable lockers comprises a storage compartment, a bar for hangers, and a sash lock.


Shoe and glove nozzles can be integrated with ease. If required, a 6-hour timer clock can be fitted, which overrides the control system when in operation. Smart locking systems can also be fitted.


Benefits of the ECO technology:
With extremely cost and energy-efficient condensation drying, moisture is condensed on a heat exchanger that forms part of a closed coolant circuit. This condensate is then either channeled into a fluid tank or fed back into the wastewater system. The lockers use up to 60 % less energy compared to similar products thanks to energy-efficient condensation drying.


WINTERSTEIGER takes care of project planning and creates a 3D model of the layout. The customer provides the room plan.

Available in powder-coated steel.

Available in other RAL colors upon request.


Dimensions of each cabinet:


• Height 2120mm


Depth: 500mm


• Width of either 300 mm or 400 mm (flexible – special widths also possible)


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech