Customized drying locker for Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer

Combi Eco for drying motorcycle gear.
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Customized drying locker for Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer

Special edition Combi Eco for KTM test track in Spain


Things get pretty heated on the fast-paced test tracks of Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer – whether the Spanish sun is beating down or the rain has begun. To ensure test riders have hygienically dry clothing and equipment at all times, KTM had a Combi Eco drying locker from WINTERSTEIGER individually adapted to the needs of the company.


"We already had an identical drying locker in use at our development center in Mattighofen,” says Tobias Stadler, Team Leader Test Street Research & Development at KTM AG. The KTM Group, based in Mattighofen, Austria, is Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer. “Having had a very good experience with this Combi Eco as a special solution, we opted for another drying locker from WINTERSTEIGER.”


The second Combi Eco – an energy-saving drying locker with condensation drying, which consumes up to 60 % less energy than comparable products – is used at the KTM test track in Spain. The device has been precisely adapted to KTM’s needs. For example, with the individual solution, the motorcycle jackets are flooded with air from behind and dried. The gloves and helmets placed on holders are dried directly.


“In addition to protective clothing such as helmets, boots, and gloves, we also dry regular motorcycle clothing for off-road, travel, and road use,” explains Tobias Stadler. "These include very airy off-road shirts and trousers, as well as sturdy textile outfits and leather suits." Items are dried as needed, but usually overnight.


The ozone lamp for disinfection was one of the key criteria on the list when purchasing the drying locker. “When the weather is warm, it is inevitable that riders will work up a sweat relatively quickly,” says Tobias Stadler, “So it is good to know that the clothes are also regularly disinfected.”


And the Combi Eco also has been widely accepted by colleagues. "When the first drying locker was purchased, requests for another cabinet at our test site quickly arrived," said Tobias Stadler. “Even Spain is not spared from the rain and the tests cannot be easily postponed, so everyone involved is delighted to have the opportunity to dry clothes quickly and efficiently.”


The Combi Eco is a group drying locker for 4 complete sets of gear. It is particularly energy-saving, efficient, and hygienic. The Combi Eco works with condensation drying. With this method, the moisture is extracted from the material, cooled, and discharged from the locker as condensation.


Condensation drying is highly efficient due to its low energy consumption. These models consume up to 60 percent less energy than traditional devices.

The Combi Eco can used at an ambient temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and above. It offers a space-saving combination of shoe, boot, and glove driers for drying work clothing and gear


The drying locker is simple and intuitive to use and includes a 6-hour timer clock for flexibility and a 7-day/24-hour timer clock for fixed drying times. Odors are neutralized by means of deodorizers, germs are reduced without the use of chemical additives.


WINTERSTEIGER also offers an ozone lamp as an option, which reduces germs and bacteria and eliminates odors.


Available in power-coated steel.

Dimensions (HxWxD in cm):

210 x 130 x 83.5


Weitere Informationen unter wintersteiger.com/drytech

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