Boot 10 Power ensures dry boots when training begins

Boot 10 Power boot dryer with Franz Schuster, administrative head of the NÖ FSZ
© Rambossek

Practical boot dryer in use at Lower Austrian fire and safety center

Boot 10 Power ensures dry boots when training begins


Fire departments and disaster relief services dedicate themselves to helping others every single day. This makes it even more important that they can rely on thorough training with functional equipment. At the Lower Austrian fire and safety center (NÖ FSZ), the Boot 10 Power boot dryer ensures that every participant starts the day in dry boots.


The NÖ FSZ in the Lower Austrian town of Tulln is a training center for fire departments and disaster relief services. So that the boots worn by the training participants can be worn again the very next day, the training center bosses decided to search for a professional drying solution. Thanks to WINTERSTEIGER, they found it.


"We opted for the Boot 10 Power boot dryer," says Franz Schuster, administrative head of the NÖ FSZ. "The unit is primarily used to dry the work boots of the participants, but our staff also like to use the Boot 10."


The drying panel is located near the changing rooms in the cellar and has been very well-received, adds Schuster. The boots are mainly dried overnight so that they are ready to be worn again the following morning. In addition to the high level of quality, the NÖ FSZ managers were also impressed by the price/performance ratio, underlines Franz Schuster. "We would definitely recommend this boot dryer to others."


The Boot Power is a super compact, flexible, and space-saving drying panel for 5, 10, 15, or 20 pairs of shoes, offering a quick drying time from 45 minutes at an ambient temperature of 15 °C.


WINTERSTEIGER also offers a wide range of optional equipment, including germ-reduction devices, various drying nozzles and leveling feet.


The Boot Power is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. There are two timer clocks to choose from: One 6-hour timer clock for maximum flexibility and one 24-hour timer clock for fixed drying times. The locker reduces germs without using chemicals.


Dimensions (HxWxD in cm):

  • 198.4 x 26 x 31 (5 pairs)
  • 198.4 x 52.4 x 31 (10 pairs)
  • 207 x 86 x 32.2 (15 pairs)
  • 207 x 114.8 x 32.3 (20 pairs)



For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech