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Team 40

Drying locker for large teams.

Generous storage space with efficient drying performance.


  • Drying locker for large teams, made of steel, for up to 40 pieces of equipment
  • Integrated holder for 24 pairs of gloves on the inside of the door as standard equipment
  • Easy to install in social rooms or construction trailers
  • Choice of high-performance drying by warm air or environmentally friendly drying by ambient air
  • Simple manual or automatic operation by 6 h and 7 day / 24 h timer clock
  • Optimized air circulation and exhaust of moist air
  • Sash lock for padlock
  • Elimination of odors by deodorizing granulate
  • Roof color green
  • Drying times depend on materials to be dried



WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!