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Glove 10

Wall-mounted dryers for gloves.

Glove 10  - Wall-mounted dryers for gloves.

Compact, flexible, space saving.


  • Dryer in stainless steel for 10 pairs of gloves
  • Integrated heating elements and air circulation fans ensure both fast and gentle drying of all kinds of work clothes and gear
  • The dryers are easy to use, and the modules can be flexibly combined whenever required
  • The ventilated drying nozzles guarantee drying up to the tips of the fingers and toes – and improve the overall well-being
  • Whether wall-mounted or with optional leveling feet – the drying modules can be optimally added to existing rooms as well as new ones
  • A choice of various special drying nozzles increases the dryers flexibility
  • Drying time from 45 min, depending on the material

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