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In the earth lies the seed of new growth.

The significance of agricultural research is changing rapidly. Soil erosion, global increase in population, bio energy and the change in climate are the challenges of the future, in which answers are needed.


To ensure a sustainable future, we see our role not only in providing end-to-end complete solutions to all our global customers, but also in supporting them throughout the entire breeding process through our diverse range of machines and applications. With a forward-looking approach, we impress with innovative products and new technologies to enable efficient plant breeding. As a complete solution provider, we support our customers at every stage of the value chain. Humankind needs agriculture not only to assure our food supply, but also to be a custodian of the natural landscape. With our solutions, we are working toward a sustainable future together.


With a wide range of products in modern field testing equipment, WINTERSTEIGER SEEDMECH already answers one of these questions since more than 70 years. WINTERSTEIGER's products, which are customized for many different purposes, are developed and produced in our factory in Ried im Innkreis, Austria. This allows WINTERSTEIGER, as the world's no 1 in field trial technology, to offer a premium range of products that covers the entire cycle of agricultural field trial science, from sowing, through harvesting and beyond.

Over 70 years of experience and more than 4,000 sold plot combines are impressive proof of WINTERSTEIGER's competence.

Research & Development

Forschung und Entwicklung

Yearly WINTERSTEIGER invests more than 8 % of its turnover in research and development. Only with consistent development it is possible to secure a lasting success for our customers.


WINTERSTEIGER remains in constant close contact with leading Universities and research institutes across the globe. The results of this close cooperation flows into the development of our products. Many of these as patents, which are a mirrored image of our outstanding engineering achievements. We also give constant consideration to our customers' ideas when developing new products.

Winning the race for the future with innovative technologies.


WINTERSTEIGER's pro-active corporate strategy is also demonstrated in its ability to identify and react to changes which will decide its success in the future. It is for this reason that we have formulated clear definitions of the objectives which all WINTERSTEIGER products must meet:


  • The longevity and ruggedness of the machines has been and will continue to be increased in the future as demand and usage increases
  • Products must make a significant contribution towards reducing the working time and costs per plot. This is very important as economic rationalization processes will become even more dynamic
  • The level of automation for standard operations will also increase in future
  • Constant simplifications in operation also make exceptionally powerful machines even more user-friendly

Quality Assurance

Leading quality knows no bounds.

Precision and top-class performances are nothing without maximum reliability. It is for this reason that WINTERSTEIGER, as a world market leader, also sets the standards in quality assurance. This applies from the outset starting with research and development and extending through production and documentation to spare parts.


Quality promises only have any value if they are also kept. So it is all the more demanding to give this assurance with every single product. This is precisely what WINTERSTEIGER does. This is made possible by a quality assurance concept that is as comprehensive as it is uncompromising: 


  • WINTERSTEIGER employs specially qualified staff just for the quality acceptance test of each produced machine in our dedicated test centre
  • Functional tests are carried out over several hours for each machine under specific conditions
  • Test records for documentation of the results are issued for every test
  • A continuous improvement process guarantees constant optimisation of the production quality