Quantum technology topic: integrated sample storage

The integrated sample storage located between the cab and the grain tank is an innovative and a practical solution. It increases the Quantum's effectiveness enormously. After bagging, the operator puts the samples into a box, which he or she conveniently places on a storage table for this purpose. Boxes of 400 x 300 x 210 mm are available. After filling the box, the operator opens a pneumatically operated sliding door in the rear of the cabin, and deposits the box on the conveyor belt located behind it. The conveyor beltcan hold a total of 5 standard boxes. When the conveyor belt is full, the outer side door with rollers is opened, and folded down, so that the boxes can be taken off one by one by actuating the conveyor belt.


It can also accommodate other box dimensions, provided the box does not exceed 400 mm (16") in width and 220 mm (8") in height.



Filled bags used in the bagging process can also be stored instead of boxes. The bags are deposited directly on the conveyor belt. The procedure for filling and emptying the conveyor belt is otherwise identical.