Delta with side-mounted sample and bag storage

Storing large numbers of bags (from bagged small plots or large samples) always creates space challenges on plot combines. The solution developed for the Delta provides a large storage volume and is also easy to empty and remove.


  • This storage box with a width of approx. 450 mm can be used to store (tear-proof) bags with an individual weight of at least 1 kg and no more than 7 kg (gross storage volume approx. 550 liters). Given a bag weight of 7 kg, approx. 40 bags can be stored.
  • Sequence: Once bagging has taken place and the bags have been closed, they are placed on the roller conveyor located behind the cab. They are dropped into the store by a lift which transports the bag upwards. The side panel can be folded up to allow the full box to be emptied. When the combine is being transported, the empty box can be easily removed without using tools. The ground clearance below the box is approx. 85 cm, which prevents damage to neighboring plots.


Limagrain: Automatic bag storage box 550 liter for center plots

For some research programs Limagrain has the demand to keep all seeds of a plot. This can be up to 40 bags per trail with 5 – 10 kg that need to be stored on the machine.

“We are very happy with this custom made solution as it gives us a big increase in the daily performance. Additionally we are still able to harvest center plots without damaging the neighbour plot”, says Cord Leiffer, Research Manager, Limagrain Germany.

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