NEW: Easy Breed Release—Test Free for 30 days!

Flexible software solution for plant breeding and trials.


We are excited to announce the new Easy Breed Release with a focus on graphical field plans and a whole host of new features. Once again, you are welcome to test this release for 30 days free of charge, familiarize yourself with the software’s basic functions in two free training units, and discuss your requirements with us.


You are invited to take part in an introductory webinar via Teams: 


In our current Easy Breed Release, we’re focusing on graphical field plans. By using the graphical field plans, you can simply and intuitively arrange and print your field plans, and if needed, even correct planting errors in the field plan directly. This means that the data in the Easy Breed database will always be up to date.


Plan your planting now in Easy Breed and discover the benefits of the simple test planning, the automated data collection, and the integrated assessment functionalities for your data.


Analyzed drone data can now also be integrated into Easy Breed and subsequently analyzed using the Alteia platform.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Contact: Svenja Diehl