10 years of WINTERSTEIGER Delta - a success story

With its market introduction in 2004, Delta's success story began. Meanwhile, a vast number of Deltas make their way through field research plots worldwide: in Germany, France, Canada, South Africa, Russia, China, the US, Brazil, and Australia, just to name a few areas where they are in use.

Over the past ten years the Delta has acquired quite a reputation in the industry. Plant breeders, variety testing programs, and service providers rely on the all-rounder "made by WINTERSTEIGER".


Dr. Joachim Winkler, managing director of Biochem in Germany, hits the nail on the head: "In service companies machines are exposed to high levels of stress year after year. With the Delta plot combine we were able to increase threshing performance and quality during our harvest significantly. Especially the functional units' high technical standards in combination with the new weighing system Easy harvest allow us to provide our customers with quick and reliable high-quality trial results."



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