Maximizing Research Efficiency and Budget

WINTERSTEIGER Quantum in the field

Quantum Core Plot Combine for Small Seed Field Trials


When it comes to small seed field trials, precision, reliability, and efficiency are key factors for agronomists seeking accurate results and optimized productivity. But we know budget is a factor too. Wintersteiger's Quantum Core plot combine is a game-changing solution that addresses the specific needs of agronomists, offering exceptional value for money and a wide range of features to enhance field trials. Let’s explore how the Quantum Core plot combine delivers on your specific needs, revolutionizing the way small seed trials are conducted.


Competitive Pricing and Specs

Wintersteiger understands the importance of cost-effectiveness when it comes to small seed trails. That’s why the Quantum Core plot combine comes at a competitive price. Its modular design enables the you to customize this medium size high end plot combine to your exact needs. Well-equipped to meet most needs of small seed field trials, the Quantum Core comes in at under $270,000. This spec features a 75HP 4WD driveline, 5ft platform header, cereal/soybean equipment, Harvest Master H2 Classic for weight, moisture, test weight, and Mirus software, as well as an in-cab sub-sampling system and a 32bu grain tank. Making this combine an exceptional value for your investment. Additionally, attractive lease options are available, allowing you to choose between season-to-season leasing or lease-to-own arrangements.


Built for Durability

The Quantum Core plot combine is built to last. With its heavy-duty frame and axles, weighing around 9,000 lbs, it ensures durability in demanding field conditions. Mechanical drives are dimensioned for the robust PRO version with 115HP, ensuring reliable performance. Wintersteiger goes the extra mile by providing preseason maintenance, helping to prevent in-season breakdowns. So you can trust in the machine's reliability without worrying about local assistance. Furthermore, starting in 2024, service parts can be conveniently ordered via the online shop.


User-Friendly Features

Wintersteiger prioritizes user-friendliness. The Quantum Core plot combine is equipped with a 5" color display for easy combine settings management. Its self-diagnosing state-of-the-art CAN bus system enhances operational efficiency. The hydraulic clutch idles down when engaged, improving ease of use. For service, the engine in the rear is easily accessible from all sides, facilitating maintenance. Spare parts are readily available in the US, and factory service is also offered, ensuring hassle-free operation.


Enhanced Separation and Minimal Sample Damage

Accurate results depend on clean samples, and the Quantum Core plot combine delivers exceptional cleaning performance. Its large concave separating area of 3.8ft² (0.35m²) ensures efficient separation. The gentle beater drum minimizes straw damage and reduces small particles, increasing throughput capacity and reducing the need for secondary cleaning. Air foil cyclones provide additional cleaning, ensuring absolutely no seed grinding occurs.


Advanced Material Movement and Sensors

Cross contamination is a significant concern in field trials, but Wintersteiger has developed innovative solutions. The Quantum Core plot combine features a unique shaker-walker combination, combining the advantages of a straw walker and a flat surface shaker, preventing cross contamination. Automatic alley management based on sensors further enhances harvest precision. Radar seed detection sensors in the main and back delivery tubes prevent mixing, ensuring accurate trial results.


Streamlined Maintenance Process

Wintersteiger understands the importance of quick and efficient cleaning. The Quantum Core plot combine simplifies the cleaning process with various user-friendly features. The header can be detached in less than 5 minutes, ensuring easy access to the rest of the machine and easy header repair or maintenance. The grain tank bottom can be opened from the side, facilitating complete discharge. The shaker is easily removable in two pieces, simplifying cleaning. Engine covers can be removed from three sides and the top, allowing easy access for maintenance. Additionally, the Quantum Core plot combine is equipped with compressed air as a standard feature, with couplers conveniently placed all around the machine, further streamlining the cleaning process.


Efficient and High-Performance

Time is of the essence in field trials, and the Quantum Core plot combine is designed to optimize plot cycle time. With a 400mm threshing drum diameter and a 75HP engine, it delivers high performance even in high-yield and high-biomass plots. The sensor-based gate cycle, based on seed detection sensors, replaces traditional timers, ensuring that low-yield plots cycle faster than high-yield plots. This efficient approach saves valuable time during field trials.


Prioritizing Operator Protection

Wintersteiger places the utmost importance on operator safety. The Quantum Core plot combine features a TOPS-certified cabin that meets OSHA recommendations, ensuring the highest level of operator protection. With a door on each side of the cabin for emergency exit, operators can feel confident and secure during their work.


Wintersteiger's Quantum Core plot combine is a cutting-edge solution tailored to the needs of agronomists conducting small seed field trials. With competitive pricing and a range of features, Wintersteiger offers exceptional value for your investment. By addressing key customer needs this combine revolutionizes the way field trials are performed.


Maximize research efficiency and budget by choosing the Wintersteiger Quantum Core plot combine for your small seed field trials. Experience enhanced productivity, accurate results, and a seamless trial process. Wintersteiger is dedicated to empowering agronomists with innovative solutions that streamline their research, making small seed field trials more efficient and effective than ever before.


To learn more about the Wintersteiger Quantum Core plot combine, any of the plot combines in the Quantum range or the other products for agronomists and seed researchers we offer, contact your local Wintersteiger Seedmech division sales representative.


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