Trend barometer: The "sensorification" of man.

A new manifestation of the "internet of things" is wearable technology. This refers to sensors, eyeglasses or computers that are carried on the body so that they can gather and process data in an uncomplicated and unobtrusive way. More familiar examples would be watches that monitor the pulse while jogging, fitness trackers or also intelligent ski helmets.

Wearable technology – our constant companion?

Wearable technology offers an abundance of applications across all branches: measures to encourage exercise and promote health, romper suits that monitor a baby's sleep, intelligent clothing that gathers data on the movements and health of athletes, soldiers and astronauts.

Google has developed a miniature computer worn on the head that is known under the "Google Glass" brand name. It is mounted on the frame of a pair of glasses and projects information into the field of vision (a head-up display or HUD head-up display). This information can be combined with the live video image that an integrated digital camera digital camera takes from the point of view of the person wearing the glasses. In addition, data from the Internet can also be called up and forwarded directly.

It remains to be seen how widespread such technology will become in the next few years. The fact is that growth rates of 50 %, particularly in the group from age 20 – 35, are being achieved in this branch. In some areas, this technology has already succeeded in setting new standards for the applications.