The success of the breeding season. Making decisions based on integrated data

Although the breeding season has ended, the end of one harvest is the beginning of the next planting season, so the right decisions need to be made now.


The success of your breeding season depends on the new seeds and the recorded data. Rating data, laboratory data, and harvesting data should be considered across all sites, so it's good when all data is available quickly and easily without delay. Easy Breed brings together all the data from the breeding season, making "data harvesting" a breeze. The integrated analysis functions provide answers to questions like what the best genotypes of the season were or what the impact of the location or handling were. You can review the previous year with a few clicks of the mouse. With these features, you can be sure of making the right decisions.


And by the way: the new Easy Breed release is coming at the end of October with the motto "It's a breeze with Easy Breed".


Here's another opportunity to trial Easy Breed free of charge for 30 days and get to know the basic functions of the software in two free training units. We look forward to hearing from you! easybreedinfo@wintersteiger.net ; +49 174 1860942